Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elton John - wonders of GaGa

Elton John has said wonders of GaGa, he has been delighted with Lady and collaboration for the movie Disney ' Romeo & Juliet ‘, says he became friends and now loves.

What happens is that Lady GaGa has collaborated with the song " Hello, Hello "Romeo & Juliet ", despite having a very busy agenda, then she became friends with Elton John, he now loves: "We became friends, and I adore.

I told her about the song, and I said, 'I love to do' and he did. We were so excited that he took time from his busy schedule to do it. "

That's not all; Elton says GaGa gave personality to the song: "She had fun with it and changed a bit, brought his own personality, so she gave Romeo & Juliet personality” he said. Now we just need the approval of the fans, certainly give the go-ahead and are pleased with the track, coming from GaGa...