Friday, January 7, 2011

Emma Watson is a girl very desirable

Actress Emma Watson is a girl very desirable by men (who knows, maybe also by some women), but she does not want a boyfriend for now, believes that would be worse someone to be your boyfriend.

Why was the worst? Because she is famous and the press would be behind her every second: "It's the worst being my boyfriend. People are constantly approaching me, I'm always working. I have a boyfriend at the time”. It feels good, actually. It's good to be selfish. "

Although she does not have a boyfriend the actress confesses that when I get will not confirm or deny: "I will never confirm or deny who I'm dating, but if they continue to do so (saying he has a boyfriend) list (of kids) will be very long, something not typical of Hermione."

It is a pity for all those who like the actress, now she wants nothing.