Friday, January 28, 2011

Emma Watson - "People Tree"

Like all fans Emma Watson we already know, she is collaborating with the line eco fashion "People Tree", to promote this type of clothing in the world, and thus avoid harming the planet we live on, and shows one of the sides sexy of the beautiful actress.

For reasons like this, is that I love both Emma Watson and I confess your number 1 fan, or at least I think so. She always knows how to be beautiful, intelligent and now sexy, as it looks in this picture, which shows her legs next to a motorcycle. The decision was made as part of the campaign "Tree People" and Emma been made to promote designs created by the actress herself.

"I designed this Library last year, after graduating from college in the United States. The founder of 'People Tree' and the designer of the brand, Misato, came to work with me in Rhode Island. Together, we decide the colors, fabrics, shapes and craft techniques to use. We took special care in designing a Library you can actually use, and to hold, indeed, the people skills of the groups that have 'People Tree' round the world "was what he said Emma Watson about their work.