Friday, January 21, 2011

Emma Watson will be part of film “Incursion"

The friendly and very beautiful actress Emma Watson will be part of film “Incursion", in which the protagonist is the actor Taylor Lautner. That is, two of the most coveted players of the moment.

Since I have always said that Emma Watson I find it very pretty and has all the qualities you would expect from a girl. So I like to tell every story that comes out about it.

This time, as I overtook them in the first paragraph, the actress, who became so popular for his role as "Hermione" in the saga "Harry Potter, "Will play a new role far removed that we had used in the movie "Incursion“.

In it, the character Emma Watson arouse the interest of Finn (played by Taylor Lautner), a boy who has lived all his life in a prison called futuristic Incursion. He meets the daughter of the director of the place where, who, in turn, lives trapped in their own prison: a world beautifully built on the XVII century decor. She knows nothing Incursion Except for his name. Then she and Finn find a crystal key that allows them to communicate and begin to plan the escape of Finn.

I hope to see this movie as soon as possible. I can not wait to see Emma Watson in a different role than "Hermione."