Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eva Longoria erased his tattoo of Tony Parker

There are brands that are for life. And the tattoos, happily, is no longer a problem thanks to the laser. What should be grateful, surely, the actress from "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria .

I've never done a tattoo because I do not bear the pain. In addition, knowing that I will have a brand for life makes me so difficult to accept. Should be very sure what I want to tattoo to do, I do not want to come a time, and they end up boring or leaving of like why I have written or drawn on the skin. I know that the laser fixes everything, but besides being very expensive, not very effective, as it is a small frame.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker thought their marriage would last for life, like his tattoos commemorate the date of your wedding. However, both are now extinct, at least for her, as can be deduced from this picture taken last weekend at the party Jeremy Renner, as the tattoo on his wrist that no longer appears.

I wonder if Tony will also have done the same. Maybe, as now both are friends, went together to the clinic to erase the tattoos and even got some kind of discount 2 for 1. That is a bargain.