Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gianmarco your middle finger to critics

The famous Peruvian singer Gianmarco Zignago won for his Platinum album 'Reality', the fans are excited, as the singer, but there are always people who criticize are only dedicated to their work for them is middle finger of Gianmarco.

Sorry, I get a good laugh reading how Gianmarco responds to his critics through his account at Facebook, said that torture is singing live and tied in a chair that's comic turn:

"I can not with my genius. I must confess that I love reading the comments of my detractors. How could I have them forward to close its mouth, singing live, tied to a chair for more torture! HA! Please read the comments of the news. From here my middle finger extended for them with all my love and a well-deserved: MAI + a jugulate! ".

After his comment, his fans show their support for the singer and make funny comments about your response, should recognize that not just a singer Gianmarco and well deserving of the platinum.