Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year! What do you wish you for 2011?

Welcome to the wishing well of free celebrity pillory! Have you had good intentions for next year? The Pottschalk has waived such right times, because he does not stand to start the same with so much pressure into the new year.

Since I prefer to play that "Make a wish!” Which is easier and more fun! These days I'd of course you can participate and have created this post a virtual wishing well. While I can not guarantee the fulfillment of all wishes, but without dreams, life would be only half as good.

Wishes are not goals, because for one must actively do and for everything else, Fortuna is responsible. Nevertheless, it is possible to be out of a desire to be a target. You simply have to be aware of own possibilities and that can happen if you simply write down their wishes.

The Pottschalk times makes a beginning and hopes for next year, alongside the classics such as "health", "peace" and "satisfaction":

- A zero balance
- To quit smoking (this should rather be the target!)
- Travel, Tourism and true and no more stressful Kurzrtrip
- A date with Daniel Katz
- An interview with Britney Spears

Otherwise, That the positive trend from 2010 continues, because then 2011 will really be a great year. Now it's your turn! To which meet your needs, you accomplish your goals and happiness on your site is - a very happy and great year 2011!