Sunday, January 16, 2011

How does Halle Berry ready for the red carpet?

For celebrities, being on the red carpet is an event, so it is always necessary to be fully prepared to meet this wonderful parade, and be portrayed in the best way for the dozens of photographers who are behind them.

Actress Halle Berry will be parading down the red carpet this Sunday for the delivery ceremony of the 2011 Golden Globe. And for that, she shares some secrets on how he chooses his wardrobe: "I look at everything that others want to use. I examine everything and then decide on what I feel is better. "

Then, when trying on the dress she used, Halle wants this look perfect in every available opportunity, so does the following: "We tested well, under different lights, road, I feel, make sure you always, for any possible scenario, look good.”

Besides, she knows that if you have to wear a charm, do not hesitate a second to do so. "Sometimes things show through a little. But I believe that if God gave me legs, why not show them? ".

We'll see what this looks like Halle on Sunday.