Sunday, January 23, 2011

James Franco And quot;practice their show

A few days ago, actor and host of the upcoming awards Oscar, 2011 edition, James Franco , promised that in the above gala do everything, including dancing and singing , in order to entertain the audience and viewers around the world. However, if you will do as he did last night during a celebration, we hope to reconsider the two options and stay quiet next to his beautiful co-host Anne Hathaway.

I have not found a video that shows what you did yesterday James Franco in the celebration he had with his team of " Three's Company: The Drama " , the local playboy. However, I do not have bad luck in my search, but rather the opposite, because what counts as E! Online, done by Franco was too much for the eyes and ears of everyone. I tell them what happened.

In the themed party was sharing all the cast of " Three's Company: The Drama "style of the 70's, James Franco came wearing a long platinum blonde wig, and she, a knit winter beanie. And as he walked, he began to sound the classic song " Three's Company . " So James , a duet with a friend who wore a similar wig, began out of tune, I say, sing out loud the words of the song, especially the chorus that goes something like: "You're just af- k, you hot mess. "

Would only add that in that style, James Franco looked like a badly dressed transvestite, and it is clear that I have nothing against transvestites. Hope you do not do anything similar in the Oscar , Please!