Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Franco has already had some experience behind the camera

James Franco, the actor who is in charge of entertainment for all to see the ceremony of the Oscar Awards, alongside his co-host, Anne Hathaway, has some details of its project next: Be the director a film.

As some of you must know, James Franco has already had some experience behind the camera, directing some episodes of "General Hospital", for example, but nothing compared to what we now have in mind doing this actor of 32 years: Direct a film based on a book writer William Faulkner.

"This summer I will be directing a film based on the novel William Faulkner, ‘As I Lay Dying'". Also Franco Oscar-nominated in the category "Best Actor" for his work in "127 Hours", said it already has somewhat advanced, "I shot a test film before it is responsible. So what we have is a test. "

James Franco recorded the test you mention New Year's Day, with actors who are not necessarily those that appear in the final product. Even he himself is not sure he wanted to appear on stage, but has not ruled out. However, it emerged that the actor James Franco has in mind for "As I Lay Dying” It would be Michael Shannon (his favorite actor), who has starred in the films" Boardwalk Empire "and" Revolutionary Road. “Others, who would come on board, apart from the confirmed Paul Dano ("Little Miss Sunshine"), are Richard Jenkins and Joaquin Phoenix.