Monday, January 10, 2011

Jaydy Rafael Marquez and Michel were married in secret

After four years of romance Rafael Marquez and Michel Jaydy exchanged vows on a beach in Manzanillo, Colima, on 4 January.

According to Primer Impacto, the ceremony was very intimate and private, to which only close friends and family attended the couple.

Although few details are known of the wedding, The Who magazine announced that Michel Jaydy wore a white gown of frilly lace and Rafa Marquez and an elegant white gown with gold accents.

According to the same publication, the ceremony was attended only by friends of the couple as Pavel Pardo and his wife Cristina, Cheto Leano with his wife Cassandra Rodriguez, and "Mud" Rosales Jaramillo.

The couple began a relationship months after the player broke away from the actress Adriana Lavat model and Alejandro Sanz. Although it was known that they had started an affair, was until 2007 when they stopped hiding from the paparazzi and show themselves holding hands.

In mid-2010, Rafa Marquez signed with the Red Bulls, so bought an apartment in New York for $ 6 million.

On 16 August the same year, press reports indicated that Jaydy heart and Rafa already living together.

Recently, on 21 December, Rafa and Jaydy had to leave to deny a pregnancy rumor, which now charges sudden strength at the wedding.

Rafael Marquez has two children from his first marriage: Rafaela Santiago, 8 and 5. While Jaydy has only one daughter, Manuela, 9.