Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jenny Thompson And Wayne Rooney

What is it with mega-sports stars and their appetites. Tiger Woods and his mistresses is now well know fodder for the international press. It cost him his marriage, and for what? Well, it would seem that Wayne Rooney of Manchester United and England fame has decided that high-priced prostitutes is something that he needs to be involved with as well.

The obvious question, as it was in Woods' case, is: "your wife is successful and beautiful, and has borne you a child...what don't you have at home?" I am sure that there are answers to this. I am sure that each of us have our own problems, but all the same, it is a legitimate question to pose. If you are out sowing your wild oats while the missus is at home, then one really needs to be thinking whether getting hitched in the first place was the right choice.

Apparently, Ms. Thompson has a charge out rate of 1200 quid which supposedly is the one-shot rate (if you know what I mean).

I appreciate that we are all human, some of us more than others, and as such, we make mistakes and err in our judgment at times. Nevertheless, I still cannot fathom how celebrities think that they can get away with it. Sooner or later you have to luck out, the odds demand it, and score a person more interested in securing their own 15-minutes of fame and some big bucks into the bargain. The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the fame, and conceivably the bigger the rewards.

I was reading last week about Divine Brown. Yep, the one and only Divine Brown (aka Stella Marie Thompson) and the former oral sex partner of Hugh Grant. She has made millions apparently from that 'quickie' and the notoriety or infamy that brought her. Yes, a USD 60 blow job has earned her millions. If I recall, she labeled it a real "Pretty Woman" story, one that Julia Roberts could have been proud of.

Anyways, this story about Wayne Rooney seems destined to be a major player in our newspapers and splashed across our television screens for the next few weeks as the story unravels into more sordid details or as a beat-up by an over-zealous press looking for any old gossip to sensationalise to make money.

Ho hum...

Here is the delightful Ms. Thompson...