Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jessica Simpson makes good waitress

The singer showed him all her love and furthers to the waitress a restaurant who attended to her and the group that accompanied it, by leaving a juicy tip $ 300. With tips well, I'm now looking for a job as a waiter.

I've never worked in a restaurant, although once I got to be close. He was 17 years, I think, had just entered college, and wanted to have an income to pay for some expenses that I liked. But then I thought that it would be good idea as it would distract me too much of my studies and preferred to stay out of work and surviving on what every once in a while I gave my parents. However, if they see this comment of the lucky waitress who attended Jessica Simpson I can not help thinking of the tips you could have been.

Admittedly, I never would have given me so much money, but dreaming is cheap. Moreover, I am sure that neither own waitress who attended Jessica have imagined a tip as juicy as the one received. It must have been very excited.

Jessica Simpson was with his mother, his assistant and two friends to eat at a restaurant Italian food in Manhattan last week. There they were served by a very helpful lady, who not only took care of take their order, but also to share with Jessica conversation and the singer, as a thank you for your attention and warmth, he stopped 60% of the total bill ($ 500) in addition to this message:

"You were wonderful and make this world a better place with love Jess”.

Hopefully we let all tips well, I'm sure the lads all restaurants we no longer would look bad every time we change the order because we are undecided ?