Thursday, January 6, 2011

Johannes B. Kerner to the most annoying "Talk Show Host" is selected!

Congratulations Mr. Johannes B. Kerner! Since the Pottschalk happy times but it’s really honest because I stand with my opinion but apparently not alone. For me, the not good and eternal transmitter back and forth "has his image probably just did not" good ".

First Sat 1, ZDF, and then again Sat 1 if John would represent a woman and the TV station, the male sex, there would be a pretty clear for this formulation. But so far I will not now sit in the very distant to me to give thoroughly.

Finally, there is even a poll of the magazine Horzu "which was commissioned by the renowned polling institute" Emnid. Yes, the "famous" is particularly dear to me, so yes, the figures will not be tempted to doubt.

The vote for the most annoying talk show host and Johannes B. Kerner talk show host was able to 22nd Percent to win. It’s Second place well behind Anne Will, which I again can not really understand. However, this is because I have not even seen her mission. What percentage of the vote has given them? 11 percent and so she takes the third place the same, by the NDR Talk Show hosts duo Barbara Schoneberg and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt. Okay, the turn is justified and I would in my view, 10.5% of the vote award Mrs. Schoneberg.

Believe it or not, but eventually I found the right times as cool. Why this can only lie? Oh man Oh man Oh man, now she even has something in common with the core. Actually, yes I miss Oliver Pocher in the top 3 "Talk Show" presenters, but "talent-free" may be well to define just simply bad. Oh yes, there can SAT 1, yes really pleased two such popular TV noses to have purchased. Next time just ask the audience or the Pottschalk!

Among the most popular talk show host by the way Bettina Boettinger (97 percent), Frank Plasberg (95 percent) and Giovanni di Lorenzo and Judith Rakers (95). I am again very surprised, because that pretty much meets my taste. Although I'm at "3 to 9" with Mr and Mrs di Lorenzo Rakers only a look switched a few minutes, but with real professionals containing one notices rather quickly that there simply have it! At this point a "Herzlicheb congratulations" to the clear winner of this poll...