Sunday, January 30, 2011

Julia Perez Drops Out - Celeb Indonesian

I am disappointed to read that Julia Perez's candidacy was nothing more than a well-orchestrated scam to get publicity for her personally and the shows and films that she is involved with. I still think she would have been a breath of fresh air with respect to shaking up the establishment.

She might have been a good politician or she might have been a complete non-event, but that was not really the point, was it? The point was clearly to show that government really is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

If more professional politicians realised this then the places they govern would be much better places in which to live. The Labor Party of Australia found that out in a most devastating fashion yesterday. Even more devastating for them considering they were a very popular government when elected and in their first term. The moral of the story is if you play with fire then, sooner or later, you will get burned. The public can only tolerate so much and then they will lash out at the ballot box (if they live in a country where they can do so).

Then again, the Jupe dropping out story might have more to do with a disputed high school certificate than it does with a cynical and risky public relations stunt. If I was a Jupe fan, I would be a little upset that the support that I though I was giving her for a run at higher office was a charade. By all accounts, the Perez candidacy was never likely to happen despite being constantly talked up by the prospective candidate as she never got around to submitting the necessary paperwork to the authorities as part of the standard vetting procedures for candidates and prospective heads of regions.

Nevertheless, the plan is to replace Jupe with another celebrity candidate. The names of Desy Ratnasari, Krisdayanti, and Denada among a few others have been touted as possible alternates. This says that it is an election destined to be based on celebrity rather than substance.

If nothing else, the candidacy has been good for the odd Jupe post and the obligatory images of her in various states of sexiness.

Ho hum...