Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jungle Camp 2011: Who is now in the process? The list of all candidates!

So slow times are an end to guesswork because there are already some Jungle Camp 2011 candidates with whom we me out of here "in case" I for one am Star catches up can be expected. The Pottschalk has decided to take even the names of prominent 'treatment period, Emigrants and Emigrants short-term celebrities together.

The latter word version I like better anyway and I hereby RTL contact you in advance for the candidates, no matter who it will be the end, simply leave once there. Okay, except Katy Karrenbauer, for the likes of Schalk pot really. So now there is the list of "Jungle Camp 2011" candidates, which I ordered from top to bottom, have the descending likelihood.

Sonja Zietlow, Dirk Bach, Dr. Bob, cockroach A, B, rat, frog C, - The candidates pleases! Okay, okay:

1st Rainer Longhand = 99%

2nd Katy Karrenbauer = 99%

3rd Gitta Saxx = 99%

4th Florian Stoehr / Valencia Vintage = 85% remains, certainly not longer than two days

5th Sarah Knapp = 85%, it has not been denied and is probably enough time

6th Mark Morl = 80%, the NDW-singer "I'll give gas, I want to have fun" wrapped himself in silence until now
7th Kusmagk = 80%, Ex-GSZS performer, Sat1 breakfast television presenter of the recently burned down the restaurant is peer
8th Indira (Ex-Brosis) = 75% if she gets a visa

9th Kay One = 50% Did it via Facebook demeniert said, but is now using Bush in the Maldives, there is more close to Australia ...

Heinrich Schafer 10th = 40%, I can not believe it - why should he abandon his flock?

Who else was so in the interview? Tatjana Gsell has backed down and made a porn Klaus, Gina Lisa, and “The Wendler "have been denied.’m Curious whether it Jungle Camp 2011 maybe one or two surprise candidates will still give. The probability current "Top Ten" I find it a bit lame and I secretly wish I really think the only geblofft Wendler has embellished the jungle and won with his chest fur...