Saturday, January 22, 2011

Justin Bieber in his haircut

The Canadian singer stylist Justin Bieber has revealed that the amount intended for the young heartthrob cut it’s very well kept hair monthly. Guess how much.

As indicated by Vanessa Price on Life & Style magazine, the singer of "Baby" spend no less than about $ 1,500 a month to maintain cut of hair in that perfect state in which we all know. "Usually you short the Hair every two weeks when he is on tour, "Price is what counts for the period Justin Bieber takes to make your hair looks like forever.

With this amount monthly, we can assume that each court will cost about 750 U.S. dollars a singer, a fairly high, though not at all shocking, considering that Justin is a celebrity.

Also some stylist people when short the hair just likes Bieber and want to grab him,” I heard that many adults joke between them saying that they will collect hair of Justin after I cut it. I tell them they are sick. "

I've never done anything like that; I do not think I would. But I've heard some cases of the occasional fan that is capable of collecting up the pieces of nails from their stars.