Thursday, January 13, 2011

Justin Bieber will act in "CSI"

Jason McCann's troubled teenager, played by Justin Bieber , re-enter the lives of forensic investigators in Las Vegas, as part of a new episode of the hit series “CSI.”

As we recall, the Canadian singer had already participated in this successful series, which deals with the lives of some researchers trying to reconstruct a series of crimes in the city of Las Vegas, in an episode aired during the second half of last year and this time, again to continue playing this character so conflicitivo is Jason McCann.

It is estimated that the new episode where will Bieber will air on February 17 this year in the United States. This will entitled "of Obsessions Targets" ("Millennium obsession" in Spanish) and will begin filming this week.

Since I'm sure this episode will be one of the most watched, given the large number of admirers of Justin there. We'll see how she goes to the singer in his second stint as an actor.