Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy is expecting a baby

The beautiful Kate Hudson is expecting a child next to the famous singer of the band Muse, Matthew Bellamy; the couple is very excited awaiting the arrival of new family member.

This news makes me sad and happy at the same time; I've always liked Matthew and probably have read (in other post) my favorite band is Muse, but do not think they care a lot. Back to reality ... I'm happy because it is expecting a baby next to Kate and I'm sure it will be a beautiful baby.

Apparently, the actress is 14 weeks of pregnancy: "It was not planned, but they are very happy," "could not be more excited," "Kate is very happy. She was always excited to once again have children at some time, “said a reliable source.

The actress, 31, who has a child of 7 years, Ryder, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, is both happy that your child has a brother or sister: "She is happy that finally has a brother Ryder or sister.”