Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kate Moss pregnant?

Curves of pregnancy or debauchery Christmas? In recent days, Kate Moss was photographed alongside partner Jamie Hince, showing the eyes of the cameras some undeniable dud’s chiletto more.

It is certainly difficult to think that thirty-seven models have suddenly discovered the pleasures of the kitchen after years and years paying attention to diet, and that's why they immediately started to chase some rumors about a possible pregnancy.

Rumors began to circulate the return of Kate from the Christmas holidays; he spent next to Hince and daughter Lila Grace. The model would also confessed to friends that you have decided a long time to resume the reins of his life, starting with a set of habits "detox" that include yoga classes and a drastic cut in alcohol, replaced by hot water, lemon and ginger.

Add to this the fact that the British star has long since begun a treatment based on folic acid for pregnant; this explains why the rumors about a possible pregnancy at the first signs of weight gain. Moreover, the desire of maternity Moss has also been confirmed by friends of the model, who told the Daily Mail

He told all his close friends that are looking to have a baby, both she and Jamie are looking forward to give a brother to Lila. Nobody would be surprised if there turns out Kate is actually pregnant.