Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kelly Rowland: He cried a lot when recording "Rose colored glasses"

The singer noted that when recording the song "Rose Colored Glasses” wept So that ended up hurting their vocal cords.

Many times, listening to a song that brings sad memories, we can not prevent some tears spill over our eyes. Happen to me often. It must be because some items episodes remind me of my life that I come back to live to enjoy them again, or correct the mistakes I made.

Now, when the singers have to record such songs, which were the product of his inspiration at times sad, it makes sense, too, that the tears appear.

So it happened to Kelly Rowland the recalled excitants of Destiny's Child has continued its race as a soloist with the song "Rose Colored Glasses".

She says that "the song is about relationships, the good, the bad and the ugly. I brought some memories. When recorded cried so that my vocal chords swollen. "

It's understandable what happened to the beautiful Kelly. However, the singer of 29 years not only seeks to convey feelings of sadness to their songs, claiming that his next work, called "Haters" will take a lot of smiles to the faces of their fans.

"It will be for all those miserable people out there, telling them not to make us feel like the rest of us and only offer!” Cheers, then.

Here is the video the song "Rose Colored Glasses“.]