Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kesha must pay $ 14 millionis

The famous singer of 'Tic Tok' Kesha has been defendant. Why? What happens is that it has had problems for a contract with DAS Communications and now must pay $ 14 million.

Apparently, Kesha had a contract with DAS Communications but then went with Dr. Luke, making the contract is broken. Ken Freundlich, representative of DAS Communications, comments: "DAS was the manager of Ke $ ha, from the beginning of 2006 there was a written agreement, worked closely and at some point in September 2008 Dr. Luke (producer) for his own personal gain, somehow led to the violation of this contract. "

Now what? Demand is for Kesha and Dr. Luke: "So Ke $ ha sued for breach of contract and interference Luke was last year," We'll have our day in court, "And we will prove that Dr. Luke was induced to breach the contract. He had no right to do so, and now we will get compensation, "said Ken.

When asked about the amount of money you are asking $ 14 million, He replied: "We do not know exactly how, but we assume she is in this range has been very successful. Let's go straight to trial if we have to do it. "

Not so, apparently Kesha have to pay $ 14 million they are asking.