Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian...

Maybe if I do another Kim Kardashian related post people will start to think that I have a Kim Kardashian fetish. But, hey, she is good for some really interesting sound bites.

The latest being that she has professed that she is extremely turned on by men with small lobes. Although, I am told by those who have watched her in action in her previous life as a "celebrity sex tape" star that she also gets pretty turned on by things not so small either. I will just have to take their word on that one.

Anyways, Ms. Kardashian has indicated that she might be one to consider the size of a man's ears when considering whether or not he would be the perfect mate. The idea being that the combination of genes from the two pools will incorporate the features of the donors to that pool; Ms. Kardashian is worried about what her kids will look like, and big ears are not in this year.

Nevertheless, any small-lobed men out there thinking you are in like Flynn, think again. Ms. Kardashian is taking a break from dating after her recent bust up with the now former boyfriend, Miles Austin. No matter how turned on she gets by the little lobes she is not going to be pursuing her fetish for a while as she is more concerned about what people might call her if she is seen out on dates with different men, namely: slut. Personally, I think she worries too much!

Oh yeah, the obligatory pictures...