Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lea Michele: "Playing Rachel Berry makes me feel beautiful"

Actress Lea Michele, Plays Rachel Berry in the popular series Glee She says that playing Rachel has been felt more beautiful of what has been felt throughout his life, then that also says he feels young, high school students.

Read Ryan Murphy thanked for giving him the opportunity to get into the entertainment world "It's a great support in my career - I know he will definitely help me to fit things."

About a role in 'Funny Girl' Michele Said, "No - where are the calls? Where are these calls, I mean if you know my obsession with Funny Girl...? Fanny Brice's me. I feel much tied to the story. "

Working in Glee’s Rachel Berry: "Working on Glee, playing Rachel Berry has made me feel most beautiful than I have ever felt in my life”

On their outfits on the red carpet: "I'm leaving on the red carpet, because I know that true beauty comes from within. So, while I am happy, I wear these clothes. You like than all right if they do not 'like what you going to do? ".

Feeling like a teen High School: "I'm lucky that I feel and I see young. While viewers believe it, then fine. "

The diet of Read: "Let me tell you something, I'm an Italian girl and I love eating. My mother always says if you think it is good for you, it will be good for you. So next time you're eating a chocolate cake to do what my mother says simply say: 'This is good for me ".