Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lily Allen - engagement ring

The British singer has placed on his personal blog a picture showing the first ring of commitment to his partner, Sam Cooper , would have given him for Christmas.

This year I hope it's a good one for Lily Allen , for the past year suffered many setbacks in his life that might be able to knock down any, as the loss of your baby a second time. That's why I am delighted to know that the singer of "Not Fair" in his personal blog recently released, is shown, apparently quite recovered, and morality at the top. So much so that has put a photo of your manicure, which lets see, in addition to its well-painted fingernails, the ring with which Sam Cooper is engaged to her.

According to the half-English, the Sun, Cooper and Allen committed on Christmas, while enjoying a holiday in Bali, in a very luxurious hotel room, over a thousand dollars a night or so.

On the other hand, a friend of the couple that Lily and Sam are having a good time even though it "has been a terrible time for them (for the loss of her baby last year), but are now completely in love from each other. Both are now happy and now can look forward. "