Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and her ex are neighbors

After Lindsay finally gains her freedom, she decided to move to a condominium in Venice, California, and oh, surprise, is right beside that of his former partner, the DJ Samantha Ronson.

When Lindsay Lohan said he was in a relationship with Samantha Ronson for some time, many were surprised. Well, maybe not, but there was some surprise, because I do not think that anyone expected that the actress is bisexual. Logically, then, with the passage of time in the relationship between the two, we could realize that what they had was more like an attempt to attract attention, especially the outrageous parties they came together.

Well, we all know how he ended that relationship. Both fought and we never again put together. However, the fate (or whatever you call it) was in charge of bringing them together again. How scary!

But do not worry, there is nothing to fear. At least that's what can be deduce of media reports, which among other things say Lindsay he has apologized to Ronson by this 'accident' and that Samantha taken the best way.

I do not know if among them are able to apply the saying "where there was fire, ashes remain, but for the sake of Lindsay It is better to forget anything that leave ashes.