Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Look-Alike - Kim Kardashian

There has been some fun stuff on the news sites over the past couple of days. I post this for no other reason than a brief exploration of the legal issues surrounding ownership of one's image. If you are thinking that this post is just an excuse to post pictures of Kim Kardashian, you are wrong ;)

Ms. Kardashian, through her lawyers, is arguing that the release and sale of a doll violates her right to publicity. The doll, aka Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll, is clearly a rip-off of Ms. Kardashian's image and presumable fame. The pictures on the marketing material don't lie. The right to publicity is a simple concept, it really is. Generally, the idea is that an individual should be able to profit off of their image and likeness in all commercial settings.

Therefore, Pipedream, the makers of the doll are attempting to profit of Ms. Kardashian's image and previous notoriety, as a willing participant in a publicly released tape, without her express consent. It is worth noting that, at least as I understand it, federal law in the US does not recognise the right to publicity. However, on a state-by-state basis there is recognition to varying degrees of this right.

Ms. Kardashian and her legal team are threatening to take the doll makers to court if they do not immediately withdraw the item from sale.

And, so as not to disappoint those of you searching only for the sexy pictures of Ms. ya go!