Saturday, January 1, 2011

Michael Jackson: Outrage recreation of his autopsy

The chain Discovery Channel planned to issue in January 2011 a program in Europe on the death of Michael Jackson but the refusal of many people close to the late singer, has decided to postpone the issue indefinitely.

Since announcing the special program for Discovery Channel " Autopsy of Michael Jackson: What really killed Michael Jackson? “The reactions against it did not take long.

Many people, me included in full, considered that such a program was too grotesque, full of curiosity and with the sole objective of bringing economic benefits at the expense of the death of a great artist, as it is and will always be Michael Jackson.

So, yesterday it was learned that John Branca and John McClain, responsible for the goods of Michael , sent an angry letter to Discovery , which qualified the perpetrators of this program as insensitive to the pain of the family of the late singer and operators dela artist's death.

Fortunately, today, it seems the owners of the major television have realized the tremendous mess they were getting into, and have released a statement which reads: "With the opening of a legal process initiated next week and accede to a request by the responsibility for overseeing the property of Michael Jackson, the issue planned medical documentation related to the autopsy official Michael Jackson has been postponed indefinitely.”

I sincerely hope that "indefinitely" means that you never take place.