Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miley Cyrus pipe sold for U.S. $ 70.000

According to what information the website of Zack Taylor, the pipe with which Miley smoking was sage and which was caught in a scandalous video has received a juicy offer of 70 thousand dollars to be purchased.

I thought it was a bit exaggerated the amount initially requested the friend Miley by pipe she had used to smoke sage and that e had in his possession. However, time took care to tell me how wrong I was, as the figure has reached not only the five digits that he hoped for, but, apparently, and very soon would be put in our pockets. advises that future owners of the pipe would be a group of students who have a blog called They have decided to pay no less than $ 70.000 to be pipe in his possession. Moreover, this site shows a document proving that the transaction is already well underway.

After reading that, I think I'll take something to a famous film them after using the object, and then sell it online. It's the most profitable at the moment there.