Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miley Cyrus smoked pipe for sale

There are many ways to make money when you're friends with a celebrity. Just you have an object that has belonged, or who has used (and has been seen being used by the famous person) to start thinking about some extra money. Especially when the object has been removed in all media, including pipe that Miley Cyrus used to smoke some sage.

Maybe Miley Cyrus did not benefit by the controversial video in which he was seen smoking sage from a pipe rather, he meant just the opposite. However, life begins to look more beautiful for friend Miley which has a pipe in his possession, sell it and thought it believes that the proceeds will not go down by 5 digits.

Would not be surprising that their estimate is fulfilled, since many people will surely want to acquire this object, put it in a brightly lit display case, invite your friends and say proudly: "Behold the pipe of Miley". Also there were those who, instead of just having it as an object of decoration, want to experiment with it by adding a certain amount of sage, Record a video and post it on YouTube, saying, perhaps, some of the phrases Miley under the effects of this herb. It is true, it would be perverse to do that, but I think it could happen.