Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nicki Minaj: I was afraid my father

To Nicki Minaj life has not been easy during his teenage years, she lived with the fear that one day his mother dies because of its father who was also an alcoholic and consuming drugs.

Speaking to the Sun, the rapper spoke about his violent upbringing and how powerless he felt when his father was coming to his mother: "My father was physically and verbally violent, all my youth and adolescents living with fear that my father kills my mother“.

"I found it difficult, of course. I am an emotional person, but I'm a difficult person. It was very hard emotionally for me to have a father who was an alcoholic and drug addict ". Nicki continued "I had a mother with no money. We did not really have many options when you have options you feel helpless. I think it's the worst feeling.... "

The rapper also admitted that over time his brother was able to cope with their father abusive, changing the way his family lived: "Once my older brother grew up, became the man of the house and began to stand before me father"" That was the only time I had peace in my house when I knew that there was no male figure in the house and he could protect us. "
Fortunately everything is resolved and Nicki not have to live with that fear.