Saturday, January 1, 2011

Paulina Rubio: "Health for the New Year"

The year 2010 will, has brought us many good things and bad things, the good thing is that we are always learning and memories of each year and we hope that next year, 2011, we are going much better. The Celebrity as Paulina Rubio also wants the other year a success.

Paulina Rubio through its Twitter surely says to the other year everything will be much better: "Hail the new year and another chance to do better! What is champagne or Tequila?

Do not forget the 12 grapes"" Just as we finished a year and the other begins! X q no help but what thing you need is! "," Making a list d resolutions inspire me ... 12 is an x every month of the new year! What are yours? "," There are many traditions to bring good fortune and good things in the new year! What are yours? "

Those were the comments Paulina I honestly I have no tradition, just once I ate the 12 grapes. I have a neighbor who comes every year to run with a suitcase, the funny thing is never going away, I begin to believe it is a scam. What do you do for New Year?