Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Playroom Progress

We planned to create a playroom on the main floor of the house and in the basement for the kids to play. The basement is carpeted, so we immediately put all the toys downstairs for the kids to play when we moved here. We've been waiting to get an area rug for the room on the main floor, and we finally got a rug today so we started putting together the upstairs playroom. Normally this room would be a formal living room, but we have no need for that at this point (the is the point where Chris would say we have no need for that ever). I know I've been horrible at giving the faithful blog readers a sense of where we are living and a glimpse of the house, so here's a photo of the playroom in progress. My dad made me a kitchen when I was about 2 or 3 years old and we still have the kitchen and now Sammy and Jake play with it and love it! The kitchen is in the basement, but our plans are to relocate it to the upstairs so that the kids can play kitchen and use the table and chairs at the same time. Speaking of the table and chairs...isn't it cute? We got that from our next door neighbor!