Friday, January 14, 2011

The presence of Lady GaGa on stage in the 2011 Grammy

Yesterday I commented that perhaps Britney Spears returns to the stage in nothing less than the gala Grammy this year. However, none of this has been confirmed yet, and it seems that will not happen. But anyway they will be offering a show at the ceremony will be the eccentric singer Lady GaGa.

With the presence of Lady GaGa on stage, the show is guaranteed. So we should not miss for the world's Awards Grammy this year, because as published by the choreographer GaGa on her Twitter account, "the extraordinary performance in the Grammy is on track.”

The day will be held this great event will be Feb. 13. Date that coincides with the launch of the new single from Lady GaGa, which in itself promises a great and unique presentation of the singer.

Also, the night would end up being perfect for the singer of "Poker Face", if they were to win some of the Grammy for which he was nominated, including Album of the highlights of the year for her hit album "The Monster Fame.”