Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raccoon McPantless wears a pushup

Would you like to know how HARDCORE Raccoon McPantless is? She’s so HARDCORE that she will wear a pushup bra and not even button her shirt the correct way. Take that, SOCIETY. These are photos from the European MTV VMAs, where Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, made an appearance. A spectacular pantless appearance. I just feel for the middle-aged men in this band, I really do. Their lives must suck so hard, putting up with Pantless day in and day out. Here are a couple more photos of Raccoon giving the finger to “The Man”. She’s still 17 years old, by the way.
Other photos from the MTV thing… Rihanna wearing a parade float, Katy Perry looking like hell during her performance, and Miley Cyrus on and off the stage. She wore some kind of Gone With the Wind getup for the red carpet (we get it, you’re Southern), and then another vadge-tastic leotard for the performance. Sigh…I fear for the future.
Photos courtesy of WENN.