Monday, January 3, 2011

Rihanna: Complete in Red!

Knowing me, knowing you - Aaahhhaa! Why does the Pottschalk just think of Abba? Rihanna because the center part forced curls through her little resemblance to Friday with. It is the premed hair, the trick to me this hair-raising comparison. Otherwise two women’s neither musically nor anything else in common.

How could that be possible? After all, they celebrate their successes in different decades and maybe Rihanna is our gaudy red yes at some point a time for Evergreen.

Some of their songs can already hear the Pottschalk time to time. Whether it's "SOS" (Hey again new common with Abba ... ;-)), "Umbrella" or "Please do not stop the music", many a song has what it takes to become a classic. But back to her lane outfit that somehow what spacey itself. Rihanna celebrated here not on any space station, but in Las Vegas in the New Year. Actually it’s almost the same right? In any case, she let her appearance as a hostess in the "Pure" night club with plenty of guaranteed offset "gold”....