Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rihanna eat at all times,

How many times a day do you eat?, I eat at all times, whenever I have something to eat hungry look, the good thing is that they gain weight (I may be wrong), as Rihanna she eat five times a day and is well maintained.

What happens is that the singer 'what’s My Name?’ Is making a healthy diet and needs to eat five times a day: “Rihanna is eat five small portions of protein foods day - Something like fish or chicken, because the protein helps your body and build muscle mass ", According to a friend Rihanna.

Not everything is happiness, but eating always makes us happy, at least to me, but RiRi now feels a bit tired and cranky, "You carbohydrates, eating when you feel tired and grumpy," the friend of the singer.

According to him, Rihanna manages to maintain its diet healthy but also appealing, puts a lot of spices and condiments to eat: "When you eat fish, cooked with lots of spices like pepper, cinnamon, mustard, and garlic", Concluded the source.

Rihanna has given me hungry, actually the subject of food. Do not you?