Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson on his face bloodied and scraped

We'll leave it to the Golden Globes polished with red hair, when suddenly sprouting more photos of Robert Pattinson on his face bloodied and scraped. Only the last scenes of “ Water for Elephants” that Rob have shot yesterday.

It seems almost out of a brawl Rob in those photos, and must say the trick is really well done. Why, to the delight of fans, is obviously just a scene from the movie with Reese Witherspoon , which forced the handsome Rob to ruin his face , between yesterday and the day before yesterday.

And the Golden Globes last night spoke of "Water for Elephants", saying very confident :

I am very excited about the fact that he is to quit. I was doing some more filming today and yesterday, I have a hunch that will be really good. It's like a film from another era, like one of those Hollywood of the '40s. I hope note. It has a sort of nostalgia factor that I miss, though.

We are confident that his presence will be enough to run the millions of fans to see the movies.