Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Selena Gomez and his party

A few years ago, when Backstreet Boys were the delight of all teenage girls, my sister, who went through that stage, tormented me day and night with their songs, listening, singing and shouting.

Now I think years later how I miss those times. So, watch this video of Selena Gomez and his party "The Scene” Singing one of the most popular songs of the popular BSB, Has caused me much grace.

Those who have had the opportunity to attend a concert of "Selena Gomez and The Scene” Last year, I probably say it's nothing new Selena interpret this song, because in their presentations, it usually does.

Well, they're right, but this time, the video I present, really, is it funny. In addition in those who have not been able to hear Selena Gomez sings "I Want It That Way” Of Backstreet Boys, I surely appreciate it.

Incidentally, I remember those days they had at the beginning, when my sister we were fighting for control of sound equipment in the house, so we can put our music favorite. She usually won, that's why I remember this song so much, and videos, and everything else related to Backstreet Boys.