Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheyla Hershey Photos

Yep, I make this post for no other reason than I found myself shaking my head when I read this story (and I can post a few photos).

This post is not exclusively made to be eye candy for the men who might pass by here. Maybe this post is for my female readers as well, in that perhaps they can provide some insight as to why a woman wants, or what drives a woman, to feel the need to have an M-cup size set of breasts. My philosophy has always been that anymore than a handful is tending to the wasteful side of the equation.

Nevertheless, and back to the Sheyla Hershey story.

It would seem that the continual process to enlarge her natural breasts to the M-cup size has left Hershey constantly battling staph and strep infections. Both of these can be fatal blood infections. So, as a young mother with young children, Hershey has decided to get the implants removed and go with a much smaller version of herself. To be honest, with an M-cup starting point it is not going to be too hard to get a smaller version happening.

She has her own website at, if anyone is interested in seeing the rest of the happy snappies.

Just a question to end this one...why?