Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taylor Swift: "Love is unpredictable"

After that ended the relationship he had with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, the singer knows he has to draw conclusions and learn, even situations not so good for life.

Always a rupture is painful. We all know that because we've all been through those times. Taylor Swift, now that is not with Jake Gyllenhaal, so you know, very well.

But it is also aware that the love you never know and we must learn from everything that happens to us, because life is made of good and bad experiences that we are gradually forming in different aspects of life where, of course, the love is a subject.

"I've learned that love is not something you can predict or plan. Actually, I have no strategy or follow a pattern when it comes to love. “It’s true. But that's not all he says the singer of "You belong with me" related to this issue, as she says you always have to find a way to be good, saying that "happiness is finding someone, being together and just having that person. There are millions of ways to feel like you're in love. "

Well, I hope Taylor the best way to affront of her breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal, who do not get discouraged by the sadness and soon find the love of his life.