Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The upcoming album - Britney Spears

Since we all knew that the theme “Hold it Against Me "would be the first single from the upcoming album of singer Britney Spears. Moreover, last week I shared a small excerpt of that song and I promised to just leave the full version of happen. And the day has come.

This topic was to be officially released later, but thanks to the radio program that has Ryan Seacrest, “Hold it Against Me "has come to us earlier. I have already told some things about this subject before, such as who produced it, speaking, and until I spent part of the lyrics of the song. What I can now say about " Hold it Against Me "is the same that you may find listening to the track in full, plus I can pass them all the words to the song, so that, once accustomed to the rhythm, can sing .

Many have been waiting impatiently for the return of Britney, so I better save the words and left with her new song at once.