Monday, January 10, 2011

Victoria Beckham: probably about three months pregnant

Happy news from Beckham! The stork was again visited and the most recently "de-implanted" Beckham Victoria pregnant for the fourth time. Whether this time it might be a girl? After the three boys Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8) and Cruz (5), the expectant mother would surely welcome a daughter. It is hard to believe, but this news really corresponds to the truth! It is not a rumor, because her agent has confirmed to People magazine. In recent years, the good Victoria, 50 times already felt pregnant, but just as often it was so deceived by supposedly her David. The Beckhams are almost as much a focus of the Boulevard as Brangelina and there are not just nice rumors - the nastier the stories, the happier the marriage is well thought of Pottschalk.

Being familiar with this "public" but make millions and would like as a brand "stage", my sympathy has limits in this respect really. You have to stand over it just as a star and if you can not, you should pull back and let the others the financial well-fertilized "celebrity field. With their soon have 4 children Victoria and David Beckham so even four good reasons why more half naked in bed for several perfumes to roll some not. The expectant mom I wish all the best and latest in the summer we also know whether a girl or a boy and is therefore is Victoria Beckham probably about three months pregnant. You know what the Pottschalk happy most? On his vacation he has shifted because of the stupid Beckham turkey for an hour? No, but to always round soon becoming Victoria....