Friday, January 7, 2011

We are HERE!

Several of you faithful blog readers have inquired about an update on the blog. We did move to NC nearly 10 days ago and no, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It takes a lot more energy keeping track of two toddlers in a new house, especially when the house is 4500sqft! We've started using a number of gates to block off certain sections of the house so that one child is not in the basement while the other is on the second floor.
Now, back to that basement. Chris's mom and dad had a basement in their house, but we didn't use it like we are using this basement here. The kids are practically living in the basement! We have a nice open playroom that walks out to the back yard, so if we wanted, then could go right outside. There are some great windows as well, so it's not too dark in there. This has become toy central, and it is great because if at the end of the day we don't feel like picking up toys, we just turn out the light, close the door, and no one is the wiser to the great big mess below!
Mid-week we had some furniture delivered; our first kitchen table was very exciting for me. The kids have been doing great sitting down for meals at the new table, however, the table is nestled in a kitchen nook and Samantha promptly let me know that at the first meal they ate there, she couldn't see the tv from her spot at the table. So, we did a little maneuvering so that she had a prime spot for Dora viewing at dinner time! For some reason we never got Nick JR in CT, and now that we do, some new favorites have come into rotation which is a nice break from Dora. Two of the kids new faves are Little Bill and Little Bear.
I've been keeping myself quite busy when the kids are napping (Jake naps, Samantha entertains herself in her room). It seems our new washer and dryer hasn't stopped running since we got here. After being packed away for a year and a half, clothes, bedding and towels need some freshening up! I've also been swamped with contacting new pediatricians, doctors for myself and Chris and interviewing babysitters.
And then there is also a little thing called the DMV. Last weekend my mom and dad came to visit us and thank goodness they did or else I wouldn't be getting around to this blog post for another month! I decided while they were here it would be a good time for me to get to the DMV to apply for my license. Well, off I went and I was so confident it would be quick and painless until I had to take the eye test and then identify specific traffic signs. All went well identifying things like the stop sign, deer crossing, do not enter, etc, etc, until I came to 3 signs with no words or symbols in them. they were just yellow signs that I was supposed to magically know what they would mean. Well, I didn't know them and then was required to take the entire computer test, which I FAILED! So, back home I went with no new license and a NC driving handbook. Well, I am happy to report that I went back to the DMV this morning and passed that computer test and I knew every last one of those road signs!