Wednesday, January 5, 2011

William Levy: "I consider myself a gentleman"

The Cuban actor of the soap opera "The Triumph of Love ‘, William Levy , said via Twitter that has not been unfaithful to Elizabeth Gutierrez, as many media have been saying, ensuring that everything is a defamation.

"My people .. inexcusable slander towards me, my family and my friends, whom I consider great human beings, "" What a pity that today there are magazines and people (if so they can be reached) so low how are you who are bent on destroying our image, our families and all we have, for a few pesos. "

"I wish I had the time to be with all these women, to be with my children when I can not as I would enjoy the job, "" First of all, I consider myself a gentleman, I think you know the kind of person I am, it goes without mentioning the altruistic actions whole heartedly and I have done for others. May God take care of people hypocritical, ungrateful, " he concluded Levy.

Do you believe?