Friday, January 7, 2011

Women And Tattooed Characters

There are many fans "Twilight” around the world. And there are all types, those who collect movies, books, photos, Dolls, Tattoo in back... So yes, they have not read wrong, there are those who take their fanaticism for the vampire saga into the skin.

Cathy Ward, A British woman of no less than 49 years, found no better way to express their bigotry in the history created by Stephanie Meyer, who tattooed Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black in the whole area of the back. This grace will cost no less than U.S. $ 4.000 and 22 hours of intense, or if perhaps pleasurable pain.

The main result which Ward decided to take this immense Tattoo is the actor Robert Pattinson. "I love Robert Pattinson. I want to tone my figure a bit in order to have his character Edward Cullen tattooed on my stomach. “Thus, Ward plans to continue paying tribute to the object of their fanaticism.

It also notes that it is not sorry for having spent so much money, considering that "the way I see it, could have spent that money on food, but I preferred to spend on actually doing something that I feel passionate. I have a bicycle, a rowing machine and dumbbells with which I exercise in a room with walls adorned with various posters 'Twilight'. I see movies or listen to the soundtracks while I exercise. And it was miraculous, because I've never felt more positive, more outgoing. Getting fit was never so much fun in my life. "