Friday, January 21, 2011

World Tour 2011 - Avril Lavigne

Les commented that Avril Lavigne spent his teenage years as a normal girl and in different groups of people, now tell them that the beautiful singer of 26 years has planned a tour in May this year.

"I'll start my world tour in May. And I go, I'll be in Canada and the U.S. Asia, Australia and Europe all over the place! " Says Avril . Speaking about the album itself, Lavigne said: "It's a record I am very proud and ... yes, there are a lot of emotions that are developed in this record."

"I would say bittersweet, happy and sad. The overall message is ... it comes to finding the inner strength and be strong, get ahead because life is a journey, " added the singer.

Avril recently recorded the video 'What the Hell', which opens tomorrow (January 23). She revealed: "It looks great," "When you're watching, you feel like you're in the crowd and you can see everyone rocking ... so nice. The video is about a guy who likes a girl, but she just wants to have fun. "