Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day of School

Samantha was very excited to go to school today! She went equipped with her brand new Dora backpack! Jake and I were only there for 5 minutes when she was saying "bye Mommy" and waving me out the door! I think that Jake would have liked to stay and play too!

It has been funny only having Jake at home today. We went to the gym after dropping off Samantha and it felt funny bringing only Jake into the gym. When we came home the house seemed really quiet. Jake is usually pretty loud, but I guess only when Samantha is home! We often laugh that Jake prefers to play with the baby dolls and kitchen toys, but today he went right for the Lego table and the cars. He played for a long time building and driving the cars. I can't say that he didn't play with the babies at all because he did pretend to feed one of the babies lunch, but that wasn't the first thing that he gravitated to today. Listening to Jake talk today I realized that everything is "blue". I was so proud of him when he picked up a blue Lego and said "blue", but the effect dwindled when he said blue for a green, red and yellow Lego too! But, he is starting to pick up on his colors. I think he really does know things that are blue, but just doesn't know the names of the other colors yet so he just says blue.

We went to pick up Sammy after nap time and when we got to school, she was at her cubby putting on her hat and mittens. Her excited reaction at seeing us quickly turned to dismay as a look passed over her face as if to say "oh man, you are here now? I'm just about to go outside to play!" The teachers said that Samantha had a great day and that she played in the different areas of the classroom, exploring all the centers and making friends. She was a little sad after lunch because she thought I was coming to have lunch with her, but she was distracted by a coloring project and outside time. She even took a good nap and the teacher said she had a hard time waking her up!

She really seemed to have a great day and it helped us that we were able to log in online and view her classroom whenever we wanted. It will be interesting to see if she starts asking if it is a school day since she is only going 2 days a week right now.