Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Didn't See It Coming

This morning I went into Jake's room to get him out of bed, and the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was that Jake was naked. Not only did he have his pajamas off, but he also threw his diaper out of the crib. The second thing I noticed was the smell. There was definitely poop in the room, but Jake wasn't wearing a diaper. Quickly I picked the diaper up off the floor to see if there was poop in there; imagining that there was poop on the floor. No poop on the diaper or the floor, but lots of poop in the crib! This was definitely a calculated move as there weren't any traces of poop in the diaper, so it's not like he went and then took off everything and dumped the diaper out in the crib. He has been showing interest in the potty, but I just didn't see this coming! The clincher was that after he went poop, he must have stepped in it because it was all over his feet. Yuck! I stood there in shock for what felt like an eternity. After I came to, I whisked him into a bath. I tested out our new washing machine's sanitary cycle which got the job done! This was a great way to start Samantha's first day of preschool!