Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Rihanna Chris Brown Photos

Whether these “never before seen photos” of Chris Brown and Rihanna cuddling were purposely leaked by Brown himself to back-up his, “I am not a monster” claim, or friends of his, is unknown. Regardless, the pictures seem to be an attempt to depict Brown, an alleged abuser, as a nice guy.
Chris Brown did beat Rihanna to an unconscious state, but we don’t know whether it was for reasons of self-defense or because of overblown anger on his is part. If the latter is true, no wonder Rihanna, like other victims of domestic violence, was indecisive before ultimately leaving her abusive partner.
Showing the sweet side of their dual nature is one method abusers use to control their victims. They gain sympathy by reminding their wife or girlfriend of good times, or by buying them flowers or other gifts—followed up with a promise to never hit again. Sadly, the promise is empty and short-lived and the vicious cycle of abuse continues.
Of course, when it comes to these leaked photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna cuddling, the purpose isn’t to gain the victim back—it is to win the public over.
Very candid and never-before-seen photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown—when they were together—have surfaced on several blogs. The questions—why now and who’s doing it?